Our new corporate identity

Dear friends!
We have a new brand name developed by a very talented, famous designer Alexey Lysogorov. We went to this for a long time and could not find a designer to whom we would entrust such an important task for us. But, the result was not long in coming and exceeded all our expectations, met our expectations, for which we are very grateful to the designer, now our friend Alexei Lysogorov

One out of thousands!

The logo design is based on the historical reconstruction of cave paintings, in which the images of animals in a «triangular» style prevail.
With more than 10,000 images with rich scenes and iconic images, the Saimaluu-Tash tract is one of the largest petroglyph galleries in the world. Petroglyphs, which can be seen in Saimaluu-Tash, belong to different eras from ancient times to the Middle Ages.

In this variety of petroglyphs, scientists distinguish the oldest of them (III-I millennium BC) — a geometrically shadow or bitriangular style — animal drawings in the form of two connected triangles.

And this ancient style of images on stones became the basis for a stylized solution to our logo.

Graphic arts

Triangles, and with them appearing ornate, spiral horns — in many ways became the starting point for the development of ornamental graphics, which then manifested itself in all its diversity in folk decorative art.


Our logo is mountain argali, linking our name with the history of petroglyphs and the development of most of the ornamental graphics based on them, can proudly represent the nature of our activity, and its stylistic solution personifies our vision and presentation in a new, modern way.

We believe in more that this sign can become one of the symbols of Kyrgyzstan, rich in its beautiful nature, rare animals, majestic mountains, rich in history and its unique art!

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